WP 8. Data from the Norwegian Patient Register for research

This work package has three main objectives: 

  1. Developing a system for documentation of data content and data quality in NPR
  2. Developing a system allowing researchers to have access to data, including data which combines information from different registries
  3. Strong integration with other national, central health registries

To obtain these objectives, NPR is establishing a metadatabase that will provide an overview of content and definitions in the data sets that NPR administers. Other activities of the WP is defining and operationalizing quality in NPR data in order to make information about data quality more accessible.

Furthermore, documentation of data structure, development, changes in content will be provided in order to make it easier for researchers to use and interpret NPR data. General juridical terms for use will also be described. Improvement of the NPR website is needed to ensure that the documentation and descriptions are easily available.

A system that allows for giving researchers access to data will be developed through adaption of existing solutions for access in NPR (anonymous cube solutions), further development of processes for extraction of data and merging procedures, and for applying new solutions for safe access and processing of data.

Integration with other registries is strengthened through participation in the HRR-project, participation in the collaboration group for central health registries, and other relevant forum.

Contact information
Knut Ivar Johansen (leader of WP 8)
Kristian Holst (WP 8)