WP 9. Management and coordination

WP 9 is about coordination and management of the HRR-project.
The University of Bergen is the coordinator of the project, which has several collaborating partners, including the Health Directorate of Norway, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, the University of Tromsø, the University of Oslo, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and all four Regional Health Authorities in Norway. All collaborating partners are represented in the steering group of the project. Organizing steering group meetings and developing strategies for increased use of health registries in research are among the key activities in WP 9.

Other important activities in this work package is organizing meetings for the project team members, invoicing and budgeting, and progress reporting to the Norwegian Research Council. Finally, activities in WP 9 involve dissemination of the project, and dialogue with external institutions that are relevant to the HRR-project, such as the Cancer Registry, the Norwegian Centre for Research Data (NSD), Services for sensitive data, and Biobank Norway 2.

Contact information
Gun Peggy Knudsen (leader of WP 9)
Guri Rørtveit (WP 9)
Anja Ariansen (WP 9)